2014 Oregon CCCA Halloween Party

Story & Photos by Howard Freedman






It started a couple of days ago with moping the floor, fluffing all of the cars in the garage and setting up tables and decorations for our annual Halloween party and what a party it turned out to be.


The first lady in the door was so dolled up that Evelyn and I did not even recognize her until husband George showed up - it was Sylvia Potter and she had on a great get up.  They brought George Riehl with them and it was good to have the second George with us for the evening.



Next in the door were two people that were totally off the wall.  Our immediate past Regional Director showed up with buck teeth, cigarette hanging out of his mouth and was one ugly mechanic that I would not consider allowing to work on a little red wagon!  Wow what a pair.



Another blond bombshell walked in with some kind of a goosey looking fellow and neither of them were recognizable.  Myrna and Gary Geddes finally uncovered enough to become real people again.


The Sheik of Arabia and his Sheikus arrived without their entourage and left their white horses and carriage across the street on the light rail line.


Some deadbeat Bum from Vancouver and his lovely black haired lady that should not have been with the Bum showed up and later the Bum decorated our Packard - only Packard people could understand that.



Cameron McCready was all boxed in and looking good as only he can be.


Food galore and drink (I got fired as wine supplier a couple of years ago for providing two buck chuck and MD 20/20) were plentiful and at the end of the evening, there were a few scraps left.


I cannot begin to express my personal appreciation to Robert and Frankie Douglas for all they do for us with our events.  Also Bob Earls and our onsite (from time to time) wax man Mark Gerke for all of their help setting up and cleaning up.


A great party and under the able management of our Director John Mitchell and his fair haired  (but red headed Indian lady) Georgia for handling our silent auction, we have $142 in the bank account for the Region.


                                                                   Evelyn & Howard Freedman


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Where did the pretty brunette pick up that second street bum. Larry and Pat Cox

The witch forgot her broom. Gary & Myrna Geddis

Thats one tuff mechanic hanging out with Hmm. Jan & Rodger Eddy

The Sheik and his Sheikus of Aabia. Chris & Yoshiko Gadaldo

Stright from Burbon St. Mardi Gras, George & Sylvia Potter

Cameron in his "Got Milk" Billboard

Howard's Packard got a new hood ornament