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Members and Guests present:  Rodger & Jan Eddy, Bob & Frankie Douglas, Howard Freedman, Bill Price, Matt Hackney, Dave Charvet, Bill Jabs, Roy Asbahr, Dave Wolmer, Bob Earls, and Larry Cox.


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and welcomed everybody to the first meeting of 2018.


Secretaryís Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading last monthís meeting minutes.


Treasurerís Report:  Treasurer Howard Freedman reported a gross treasury balance of $9,979.03 and said that after deducting $1,700 of 2018 fall tour expenses we have a net balance of $8,279.03.


Sunshine Report:  Sunshine reporter Pat Cox was absent.  Bill Jabs asked if anyone knew of any health problems among our members.  Matt Hackney said that George Choban was improving after stopping medication that was causing him serious problems.


Activities & Tours Reports: Bill Jabs initiated discussion on the first two events of the year; the Valentine Brunch on February 11th and the day tour to a Cornelius area car collection on March 24th.  He asked Rodger Eddy to establish the tour route to Multnomah Falls Lodge that will avoid all road closures after the summer fires.  Howard Freedman said that the brunch arrangements were for a 10:30 start.

Bill asked Matt Hackney about arrangements for the day tour in March.  Mat said that he had not yet set it up but will soon.

Howard Freedman reported that we have about 43 people (24 cars) signed up for the fall tour.  He said that we will be spending 2 nights in Port Townsend and 2 on Whidbey Island.  We will spend one day in Victoria, B.C. but will not be taking the cars on the ferry with us.  Someone commented that Hurricane Ridge should be one of our stops while on the Olympic Peninsula.  Howard agreed and said that it is up to Rodger Eddy and Bob Douglas to determine the details of stops along the way.


Membership Report:  Membership chairman Bill Price had no new membership activity to report but suggested that we pick a location for the July 5th membership BBQ meeting as soon as possible.  He recommended Blue Lake Park as a good location.


Newsletter Editorís Report:  Newsletter editors Larry & Laura Schick were not present but Bill Jabs said that they would be sending out the Hood Release in the next couple of weeks.


Old Business/New Business:  Howard Freedman requested that we take action on deciding whether to make a contribution to National CCCA for a much needed software upgrade.  A motion was passed to contribute $500.

Dave Charvet said that he had been contacted by a student at Portland State who had requested assistance from someone with a black classic car that could be professionally photographed for use on his masterís thesis.  Any interested members should contact Dave.


Evening Program:  Dave Charvet brought a CD with two early (1938) General Motors promotional videos that thoroughly amused all in attendance.


Bill Jabs said that the next meeting is on February 1st and he adjourned the meeting at 8:20 pm.