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Members and guests present: Howard Freedman, John Imlay, Larry & Pat Cox, Bill Price, Matt Hackney, Bill Jabs, Rodger & Janet Eddy, Bob Earls, Lisa Nowak, John & Georgia Mitchell, Mona Marsh, Orville Krull, Chris Cataldo, Roy Asbahr

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm by Director Bill Jabs.

Secretary’s Report: A motion was passed to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the last meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Howard Freedman reported a gross bank balance of $11,283.05 of which $2,300.00 is for the 2019 fall tour and $520 for the Valentine’s Brunch leaving a net balance of $8,463.05.  Ten members have not yet paid their 2019 dues.  Howard has reached out to them. 

Sunshine Report: Both Mona Marsh and Roy Asbahr are doing well after their recent bouts.

Activities Report:

-          Bill Jabs discussed the upcoming Valentine’s Brunch which has been postponed one week until February 17th due to the forecasted snowstorm.  He also stated that Roy Asbahr has invited everyone to visit his collection after the brunch. 

-          Saturday, March 16th - Tech session at Howard Freedman’s garage presented by Larry Cox which will focus on the ignition system, how it works, how to troubleshoot and how to fix.  The Packard Club is also invited.

-          Saturday, April 13th - Garage tour.  Bill asked John Mitchell to reach out to Bob Ames to see if we could visit his collection.

-          Our July meeting will be an outdoor BBQ held at the End of the Oregon Trail Park in Oregon City.  Matt Hackney and Bill Price will be our chefs for the evening.  Details to come.

-          Roy reminded us that we have a Ladies Tea scheduled for May 11th.  Someone will need to get going to put this together.

Membership Report: Nothing reported.

Tours Report:

-          Saturday/Sunday May 4th/5th – Overnight tour to the Springfield area organized by George and Sylvia Potter.  The tour will include visits to the Alex Hogland collection, King Estate Winery, and Joe Potter’s restoration shop – Vintage Underground.

-          Howard briefly discussed the September tour stating that it was currently overbooked. 

-          Matt talked about the May 16-19 Packard Western Regions tour which will include all seven of the Packard Club regions in the west – Oregon, Northwest, Earl. C Anthony, San Diego, NorCal, Silver Circle, and Delta Sierra.  The tour will include visits to the Terpening collection, Running Y Ranch, Train Mountain, a glass forge and a custom car builder.

-           July 28th – One day tour to Jerry Szerlip’s place in Junction City for a BYO picnic and concert.  Featured artist will be Brooks Robinson – a VERY talented finger-style guitarist.  Concert will be from 2pm-5pm and we will set up a caravan to drive down.  Bill also mentioned that George Potter said that the day before is the Blackberry Jam car show in Lowell, a nice event with over a 100 cars, judging with nice trophies.  Some may wish to go down a day early and make it an overnight.

Webmaster Report: Nothing reported.

Publications Report: Bill stated that he had gotten an email from Larry Schick who said the next issue of the Hood Release is in the works.  It should be a great issue with some surprises!

Old Business:  None

New Business:

-          John Imlay talked about his recent negative experiences with Tucson Packard.  Long delays, lack of follow through, and spotty communication.  Whether the product is good remains to be seen.

-          Matt discussed his recent bad experience buying a refrigerator at Lowes.

-          Bob Earls talked about the 1936 V12 Club Sedan he is working on for Milton Fox.  He has taken the engine down to the block and passed around a very damaged piston.  He touted the ingenious design of the valve train, which he also had on-hand for viewing, and that it has held up well despite the engine being very tired.  Howard commented that the system is a marvel of 1936 engineering.  Bob will be installing new Arias pistons since Egge’s are not up to the task.  Bob will also be installing a new wiring harness and Milt will have the car repainted.  Overall a very nice car, but just a bit tired. 

-          A brief discussion was held about whether to continue at the Bomber Restaurant for our monthly meetings.  The crowd agreed the room, food, and location were good.  A motion was made and carried to make the Bomber our new home each month, however, our meeting time will be a half hour earlier – 6:30 pm – since the Bomber closes at 8pm.

-          Bill will not be able to attend next month’s meeting due to eye surgery and asked for a volunteer to do a program.  Bob Earls was volunteered and said he’d come up with something.

Program: - Bill Jabs did a very interesting PowerPoint presentation on a Mechanical Lavender Harvester that he designed and built.  The crowd was riveted and had several questions afterward.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 pm.