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Members and Guests present:  Larry & Laura Schick, John Imlay, Chris Cataldo, Rodger Eddy, Bob Douglas, Howard Freedman, Bill Price, Bill Jabs, Roy Asbahr, Dave Wolmer, Bob Earls and Larry & Pat Cox.


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading last month’s meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Howard Freedman did not have a treasury balance to report but contacted Secretary Larry Cox after the meeting with a current net balance of $10,438.27


 Sunshine Report:  Pat Cox reported that Evelyn Freedman seemed to be holding her own, Howard Freedman agreed.  Pat said that there were no other member health issues that she was aware of.


Activities & Tours Reports: Rodger Eddy said that he is holding off on final route selection for our Valentine tour because of frequently changing road closures caused by mud slides after last summer’s fires.  The tour will depart from Lewis & Clark state park at 9:00 am for a scheduled 10:30 brunch at Multnomah Falls.  As in prior years, the Asbahr’s have invited us to stop at their home after we leave Multnomah Falls.


Bill Jabs reported that the March 24th day tour to see a car collection in Cornelius has been postponed.  It will most likely occur later in the summer.


Chris Cataldo reported that he has been in contact with Dennis Gilman who is planning the May 5th-6th tour.  Chris said that the tentative route is to meet at the first I5 rest stop south of Salem and tour from there to a carousel museum in Albany and get lunch afterword at Izzy’s.  From there, go to Thompsons Mill  state heritage site near Shed and then on to Jerry Szerlip’s restoration shop in Junction City.  A catered BBQ dinner will be served at Jerry’s before heading on to our lodging along I5 in the Eugene/Springfield area.  The next morning we head for Philomath by way of a winery stop in the Corvallis area.  Lunch will be in Philomath followed by a drive along the Kings Valley highway to Fort Hoskins historic County Park and on to Dallas where we end the tour.


Howard Freedman reported that this year’s Strawberry social will be at Dabney State Park which is very close to Lewis & Clark state park on highway 30.  There is a $5 per car fee upon entering the park.  Bill Price thought that Dabney Park sounded like a good place to hold our July 5th membership meeting and BBQ.


Howard said that the fall tour was shaping up nicely and that he was working on finalizing our ferry reservations both to and from Victoria and Whidbey Island.


Membership Report:  Membership chairman Bill Price had no new membership activity to report.


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  Newsletter editors Larry & Laura Schick said that the next edition of the Hood Release was coming together well.  Larry said that he was going to be doing an article soon on Haugland’s ’38 Bentley.


Old Business/New Business:  There was no discussion on old or new business.


Evening Program:  Howard Freedman brought a disc to play the series of Dave Charvet’s very well done narrations of each of the cars on display at the Classic Car Club Museum at Hickory Corners.


Bill Jabs adjourned the meeting at 8:20 pm.