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Members and guests present: Howard Freedman, John Imlay, Bill Jabs, Larry Schick, Larry Cox, Rodger & Jan Eddy, Robert Douglas, Dave Charvet, Mona Marsh & Orv Krull, Bob Earls, Bill Price, Roy Asbahr, John & Georgia Mitchell, Matt Hackney, Don Lachman

The meeting was called to order at 6:55 pm by Bill Jabs.

Secretary’s Report: A motion was passed to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the last meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

-        Currently, $8,205.63 with $1,563.21 for the September Fall Tour.  Net $6.642.42 

Sunshine Report:

-        Larry Cox indicated that Patty Brown was continuing to improve and that he and Pat had sent flowers to her.

Activities Report:

-        The annual Valentine’s Day Brunch planned for February 16th.  Rodger Eddy will be leading the tour and Bill indicated that 33 had signed up so far.  Roy Asbahr again invited everyone over to his place after the brunch.

-        John Imlay and Dave Charvet relayed the details about the March 21st tour to World of Speed, Dave’s Newberg man cave, and the Yamhill County Heritage Museum.  A signup sheet was passed around. 

-        John also briefly spoke about the April 18th wine country tour – details to come

-        Bill briefly spoke about the May 2-3 Eugene area tour being set up by George and Sylvia Potter – details to come.

Tours Report:

-        Howard stated that the September tour is currently overbooked by three, however, there may be one dropping off.  All the lodging is arranged, but ferry plans still need to be nailed down. 

Membership Report:

-        Bill introduced new member Don Lachman who’s a Cadillac guy.  Don spoke briefly about his four Cadillacs.

Webmaster Report:

-        Bill congratulated Larry Schick on yet another excellent edition of the Hood Release.  He mentioned that Larry does a lot of traveling and research.  Larry indicated that the next edition would have an in-depth story about George Potter’s 1937 Packard 12 Limo which has some interesting history.

Publications Report:

-        Larry Schick relayed some details about the next issue of the Hood Release and indicated that he was finished and it should go to Richard Petrosino for printing sometime next week.  Larry still needs the Director’s Message from Bill.

Old Business: 

-        None

New Business:

-        Bill poled the group to get a verdict on whether we should continue at Buster’s for our monthly meeting.  All the comments were positive and we will continue at Buster’s.   Mona said we need to get more women to attend!

-        Howard spoke about the 11,000 sq foot addition to the CCCA Museum, the contractor doing the work, and the general financial process for the work.  He also mentioned that Dave Charvet has done a brief video on each of the cars in the museum which are available on the website –  All publications are archived and available on the website as well.

-        Dave Charvet told the group that Howard had donated his 1941 Packard 180 Limo to the museum in Evelyn’s name.  The car will remain in Howard’s custody until the new wing is added to the museum. 


-        Bill passed out information and did an interesting program about engine oil which generated a fair amount of discussion.  Thanks Bill.

-        John Imlay agreed to do next month’s presentation on the upcoming work at PDX airport.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.