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Members and Guests present: Howard Freedman, John Imlay, Larry Cox, Bill Price Matt Hackney, Rodger & Janet Eddy, Bob Earls, Lisa Nowak, Mona Marsh, Orville Krull, Chris Cataldo, Roy Asbahr, Ray & Laura Foster, Robert & Franky Douglas, George Albrecht (guest)


The meeting was called to order at 6:27 pm; by Larry Cox. He reminded all that the meeting now starts a half hour early.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading last month’s meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Howard Freedman reported a gross bank balance of $12,033.05 of which $2,300.00 is for the 2019 fall tour and roughly $1,250.00 from the Valentine's Brunch leaving a bet balance of $9,633.05. Some members have still not yet paid their 2019 dues.


 Sunshine Report:  Bill Jabs had eye surgery this week. He's swollen but doing fine and is planning to be at the tech session on the 16th.


Activities Reports: Larry Cox discussed the Valentine's Brunch held on February 17th. Where 34 people attended. Weather was lousy and Bob Douglas was the only person to bring an old car. Rodger also thanked Roy Asbahr for his hospitality and the visit to his collection after the brunch.

Saturday, March 16th - Tech session at Howard Freedman's garage presented by Larry Cox which will focus on the ignition system, how it works, how to troubleshoot and how to fix. It should begin between 9:30 and 10AM. Howard also suggested we videotape the session since it is very well done!

Non-club functions - the annual Portland Swap Meet will be held at the Expo Center in April 5-8.

Saturday, April 13th - Garage tour. Howard said he would reach out to Bob Ames to see if we could visit his collection. Howard will also try to arrange lunch at Ernesto's afterwards.

May 4-5 will be an overnight tour to Eugene/Springfield area coordinated by George and Sylvia Potter. Larry read the info George had sent with details of the tour. All those who wish to attend should let the Potters know via email so they can arrange rooms a the tour hotel.

May 11th. - Ladies Tea has been postponed until May 25th - however that is Memorial Day weekend. Details to come.

Our July meeting will be an outdoor BBQ held at the End of the Oregon trail Park in Oregon City. Matt Hackney and Bill Price will be our chefs for the evening. Details to come.


Membership Report:  Nothing Reported.


Webmaster’s Report:  Nothing reported.


Publications Report:  Larry Schick informed Larry Cox that he could not attend tonight's meeting because it was his granddaughter's birthday. The next issue of the Hood Release is about half done. It will cover Brad Ispen's restoration projects. Additional articles are always welcome!! Howard asked that Larry Cox asked Larry Schick to remember to update the calendar with all the events and changes. Larry stated that doing the Hood Release was a very difficult job and we are very lucky to have an issue of such quality. Bob Douglas chimed in to say that there's been a long history of others before Larry and the publications has continually improved.


Old Business: None


New Business:


Howard indicated that the National will start passing on the 3% that it is loosing by accepting credit cards for membership dues. He also moved that we raise our regional dues up from $40 to $45. The motion waas seconded and passed.

Matt mentioned that next weekend is the Portland Hot Rod show at the Expo Center.

This weekend is the Fab-Fifties at the WAAAM in Hood River. He also mentioned Forest Grove this year will be 120 years of Packard, Mini and Bentley as feature marques.

Online registration is now open for Forest Grove.

Roy asked about the National's decision to stop printing some of its publications in order to save money. This launched somewhat of a lively discussion about the health of the club and ways to save it. Reduce printed publications from 12 per year to 6 per year? Put all publicationds on line? Raise Dues? Open up the field to some post - 1948 cars to attract new members? Management practices and facility issues were also dicussed..


Program:  Bob Earls brought a very interesting and entertaining 1936 Jam Handy video, which, while featuring Chevrolet manufacturing was really about the benefits of the jobs generated by the U.S. industry, the life they afforded, and how lucky we are to be Americans.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.