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Members and Guests present:  Larry & Laura Schick, John Imlay, Mona Marsh and Orville Crull, Chris Cataldo, Rodger & Jan Eddy, Bob Douglas, Howard Freedman, Bill Price, Bill Jabs, Matt Hackney, Roy Asbahr, Dave Wolmer, Bob Earls and Larry & Pat Cox.


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading last month’s meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Howard Freedman reported a balance of $10,892.77 and said that about $900 of that was yet to be paid out for this year’s September tour.


 Sunshine Report:  Pat Cox reported that she had made several contacts and everyone seemed to be well.

Matt Hackney said that he had seen George Riehl and he is doing OK.  Matt had also talked to George Choban and he was sounding much better.


Activities & Tours Reports: Bill Jabs reminded us of the upcoming Portland and PIR swap meets on April 6th thru 8th and April 5th thru 7th respectively.


Matt Hackney reported that he is still working on rescheduling the postponed Cornelius tour and said that there would be a couple of turn-of-the-century San Francisco cable cars on display when we do go.


Rodger Eddy reported that the Studebaker club will be having a tour to Guide Dogs for the Blind on March 24th and he said that we have been invited to join them.


Bill Jabs reported that Dennis Gilman had put together a great tour to the mid-Willamette Valley on May 5th & 6th.  He said that one of the many tour highlights would be a stop at Jerry Szerlip/BJ Bennett’s place for a BBQ dinner.  The total tour cost will be about $200 per couple and payment for the arranged lodging is on an individual basis.


Howard Freedman reported that this year’s September tour arrangements are complete and he is only waiting to receive confirmation on ferry reservations.


Bill Jabs said that both the June 16th Strawberry Social and July 5th membership meeting BBQ will be held at Dabney State Park which is very close to Lewis & Clark State Park on highway 30.


Membership Report:  Membership chairman Bill Price had no new membership activity to report. He said that he had been contacting members who had not yet paid their 2018 dues to encourage them to do so.


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  Newsletter editors Larry & Laura Schick reported that the next edition of the Hood Release would be going to the printer at the end of next week.  Howard Freedman said that he would like to be able to include the new 2018 Directory in that mailing.  Larry said that he had set up a meeting to visit Alex Haugland to do an article on his ’38 Bentley.


Old Business/New Business:  Bob Douglas reported that there will be display of streamlined cars and motorcycles at the Portland Art Museum from June 16th thru September 16th.  He also said that the Packard club was working on a tour in the Ashland area in May of 2019 and the expectation is that cars will be coming from all over the west coast.


Bill Jabs said that he needed material for upcoming meeting programs He asked for volunteers to do reports on projects that they are working on.  He also suggested that members who have not yet sent photos of their cars to George Potter consider doing so now. 


Evening Program:  Howard Freedman and Bob Earls provided the program by showing a cartoon and a few vintage Jam-Handy training films.


Bill Jabs adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm.