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Members and Guests present:  Bill & Mary Jabs, Rodger & Jan Eddy, Matt & Karla Hackney, John & Margy Imlay,

Larry & Laura Schick, Ray Dunford, Howard Freedman, Chris Cataldo, Roy Asbahr, and Larry Cox.


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 7:20 pm.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading of the April meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Howard Freedman reported a net treasury balance of $7,640.


Activities Report:  Bill Jabs reviewed a partial list of upcoming activities:

·       Portland Transmission car show – Saturday May 7th.  Arrive early as the show is pretty much over by noon.

·       Covered Bridge tour – Saturday May 21st.  Will include stops at restoration shop, car collection and winery

·       Strawberry Social at the Jab’s home & lavender farm – Sunday June 12th.

·       Forest Grove Concours – Sunday July 17th.

Howard Freedman made a motion that we again make a donation (approx. $300) to sponsor a trophy at the concours.  The motion was seconded and approved by those in attendance.

·       Mosier Tunnels tour – Saturday July 23rd.  Some members will be making this a two day tour by continuing out the gorge to Hood River.

Tours Report:  Howard Freedman reported that he along with Rodger Eddy and George Potter recently ran the fall tour route and he had made reservations at selected lodging and dining locations.  Howard also passed out envelopes containing tour information to those in attendance who have signed up for the tour.


Rodger Eddy gave a detailed recap of our recent spring tour (April 15th – 17th) to the Long Beach peninsula.


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  Laura Schick said that completion of the spring edition of the Hood Release had been delayed but that it will go to the printer on Monday.


Old Business / New Business:  Ray Dunford told an interesting story about having sold a ’31 Cord several years ago for which he had accepted cash and a derelict ’31 Auburn as payment.  He sold the Auburn shortly after the deal and later the buyer sent him some amazing before and after restoration photos that Ray shared with our group.


Howard Freedman provided our entertainment for the evening by showing a very good movie on the history of Packard.


Bill Jabs adjourned the meeting at 9:10 pm.  He said that the next membership meeting will be on June 2nd.