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Members and Guests present: Rodger & Jan Eddy, Howard & Evelyn Freedman, Bob & Frankie Douglas, Bill Jabs, Matt Hackney, Bob Earls Bill Price, John Imlay, Dave Charvet and Larry Cox


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading last month’s meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Howard Freedman reported a gross treasury balance of $8,423.58 of which $623.65 belongs to the fall tour leaving a net balance of $7,799.93.  He said that the fall tour is currently oversold by one person.


 Sunshine Report:  Larry Cox reported that Dave Walmer is in the hospital with a serious intestinal problem.  Doctors have not yet decided what course of action needs to be taken.

Bhagwan Mayer has developed a serious condition that involves a leaking aorta that had been repaired twenty years ago.  Further tests need to be completed before doctors will know the details of a pending heart surgery.


Activities Reports: Bill Jabs passed around a sign-up sheet for the upcoming Strawberry Social on Saturday June 16th.

He said that Rodger Eddy will lead the tour from Mall 205 where we will meet at 10:00 am and depart at 10:30 am to travel to Dabney Park.  Bring a picnic lunch and $10 per person for strawberry shortcake and ice cream


Bob Douglas reported that the next Summer Cruise-In is to Pacific Health and Rehab on Friday June 15th.  Check flyer for details and map on getting there.


Bob also reported on three upcoming events at the Portland Art Museum:

·         “The Shape of Speed” will be there from June 16th thru September 16th.  Go to their website for details.

·         “Motorcycles in the Park” will be in the park across the street from the museum on June 24th.

·         “Cars in the Park”                “                    “                         “                          “      on July 8th.


Bill Price and Matt Hackney said that our next membership meeting will be a BBQ at Dabney Park on July 5th.


Tours Report:  Howard Freedman reported that Jan Taylor has gone all out to insure our two days on Whidbey Island during the fall tour would be busy and fun.  He said that the tour cost will be about $1,500 per couple.


Membership Report:  Bill Price had no new membership activity to report.


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  In Larry Schick’s absence, Howard Freedman reported that the next Hood Release is close to being finished and will feature an article about Alex Haugland and his ’38 Bentley.


Old Business/New Business:  Howard Freedman said that Dennis Gilman had attempted to make it to the Schnitzer-Robison cruise-in on the 6th but had car trouble in Tigard and had to be towed back to Salem.


John Imlay reported on a very slick electronic turn signal unit that he took off of his car to demonstrate at the meeting.


Evening Program:  There was no specific program but a great conversation followed the meeting that included many car related things of interest.


Bill Jabs adjourned the meeting at about 8:00 pm.