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Members and Guests present:  Wade & Patsy Miller, Rodger & Jan Eddy, Mona Marsh & Orville Crull, Bill Jabs, Matt Hackney, Larry Schick, Ray Dunford, John Imlay, Bill Price, and Larry Cox.


Director Bill Jabs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and asked for self-introductions of all in attendance.  Bill passed around sign-up sheets for the upcoming Halloween Party, Annual Membership Meeting and Annual Planning Meeting.  He said that there was a chance that we would have a speaker later in the meeting to talk about Oregon ballot measure 98 and no sooner than he had said it, Oriana walked in the door and presented the benefits of the measure.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to dispense with reading of the September meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Because of Treasurer Howard Freedman’s absence, Larry Cox reported a gross treasury balance of $25,431.81 which when offset by $15,939.79 of fall tour expenses yet to be paid leaves a net balance of $9,492.02.  He said that we are starting to receive 2017 dues payments which will help to increase our treasury balance.


Sunshine Report:  Larry Cox reported that Bhagwan Mayer had been hospitalized with heart beat irregularities but that he is now home and doing well.


Activities Report:  Matt Hackney reported on the upcoming October 14th thru 16th Packard Club sponsored Pumpkin Tour.  He gave a full review of the itinerary which is packed with stops at many interesting places.  At present there are twenty two people (ten cars) signed up.

Bill Jabs reviewed the following upcoming activities:

·       Halloween Party at Freedman’s Garage on Sunday October 30th at 5:00 pm.  Costumes optional – bring a potluck item (mail selection option on flyer to Howard) and bring something to be auctioned off.

·       Annual Membership Dinner Meeting (The Great Gatsby Gala) on November 6th at the Tualatin Country Club.

·       Annual Holiday Party potluck on Sunday December 11th at Lake Oswego Heritage House.


Membership Report:  Membership Chairman Bill Price had nothing new to report.


Tours Report:  Rodger Eddy reported on the recent Fall Tour to the Steens Mountain area.  He commented on how varied different parts of the state are.  Other favorites were the Alvord Desert, Crater Lake, and the Chimes Pharmacy in John Day.  Mona added not to forget the fabulous milkshakes in Fields.  Bill said that he found Adel and the Prospect Hotel to be very interesting.


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  Newsletter editor Larry Schick said that he is working with Mike Eshaia to put together a feature article on Marmon automobiles.  Larry put out a request for photos taken of the Fall Tour.  He said that the fall issue of the Hood Release will go out in late November.


Old Business / New Business:  Bill Price suggested that Larry Cox repeat his ignition system presentation again so that it can be videotaped for future uses.  Matt Hackney asked if Larry would be willing to present it at an upcoming Packard Club meeting at which time it could be taped – Larry said he would be glad to do so.

Ray Dunford thanked Larry and Laura Schick for the wonderful article they had done in the Hood Release on his life and cars.

Bill Jabs said that the time had come to start looking for nominations for our Board of Managers.  He said that Larry and Pat Cox had agreed to stay on for another year as Secretary and Member at Large.  Bill Price made a formal nomination and Larry accepted for he and Pat (Pat was not in attendance however).

Bill Jabs thanked Rodger Eddy and the Tours Committee for the great job they have been doing on setting up tours.

Bill told of a Model A club accident where the driver and passenger were not wearing seat belts.  Larry Cox suggested that we do a seat belt installation workshop sometime in the future.


Bill Jabs adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm.