2014 Oregon CCCA Long Beach Tour


Crossing bridge Astoria to Long Beach 



Lunch at the Baked Alaskan Restaurant in Astoria

Murals in Astoria

At the Hotel in Long Beach, Washington   

Left to right: Bob, Gail, Chris, Yoshiko, Sylvia, Dennis, Jo Anne and George

Rodger Eddy, Gail Myer and Rodgers grand children

Dennis Gilman taking a picture of John Mitchell's Continenal

Rodger Eddy's new ride

Howard's 37 Caddilac on loan to George & Syvia Potter

Dennis and Jo Anne Gilman with their Chevy

Rodger Eddy giving George directions

George & Sylvia

Quentin Robins

Chris Catalido giving directions for the days run

Bob Newlands & Larry Cox in a serious conversation

Guess Larry won the argument

Gail Mayer, Yoshiko Cadaldo and Janet Eddy

Quentin Robins and Rodger's Grandson Philip

Rodger Eddy


Happy Hour

A stop at the Jacks Country Store, Ocean Park WA



Chris led us on a back roads tour of Long Beach to Oysterville Store

Left to right: Bob, Rodger, Chris, Jan and Bob Douglas

And a porcelain Pontiac sign for sale for only $400.

A painting for sale in the Oysterville store

Larry Cox's new ride (1937 Cldsmobile)

Jan Taylor is telling Bob the Oysterville Sea Farm is that way

How to turn a Cadillac around by Howard Freedman


Last stop, the Oysterville Sea Farm