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MEMBERSHIP MEETING MINUTES – May 5, 2022 (Cinco de Mayo!)




Members and guests present: John Imlay, Bill Jabs, Larry and Pat Cox, Chris Cataldo, Howard Freedman, Sharon and Paul Lawson, Matt Hackney, Joe Munsch, Monte and Elaine Glud, Bob and Frankie Douglas, Mona Marsh and Orv Krull


The meeting was called to order at 7:02PM by Bill Jabs.


Secretary’s Report: A motion was passed to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the last meeting.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s reports for both clubs were deferred.  Howard will send info next day.  Club treasuries are very close in amount.


Sunshine Report:

-          Larry indicated that George Choban was seen upright and eating in a wheelchair, but is still in rough shape.

-          Matt related that his brother had taken his own life recently.

-          Larry also informed us that Roy Asbahr’s daughter had passed away recently.  Howard added that she had been ill for some time.  Larry has sent a card from both clubs to the Asbahrs.


Activities/Tours Report:

-          John I. talked about the May 21/22 tour to Eugene.  The departure time may be adjusted due to the length of the trip.  John will run the route in advance to make sure we’re good.  All told, about 45 people are signed up from the tour with 16-18 driving down from Portland. 

-          John also spoke briefly about the Packard Club Western Regions tour May 18-21 which Joe Munsch will be attending.  Thanks Joe!

-          Bill spoke about the Strawberry Social coming up on June 12th at the Charvet’s.  Howard and Bob Douglas will handle the berries and ice cream.  John will confirm with Dave Charvet whether we need to supply tables and chairs. 

-          John spoke some about the Forest Grove Concours coming up on July 17th.  Matt indicated that you although they have online registration, you can register on paper as well.  He also stated there is no “fee” to register for Forest Grove, but a donation is recommended.  The website has the info.  In addition, there is the tour the day before on the 16th and a concert on Friday night the 15th at Elk Cove winery limited to 100 cars.  Both clubs have donated money and the Packard club will have a corral. 

-          Bill spoke about the Lake Oswego car show being back on this year.  Registration is open.  We do not know if there will be a Classic Car focus this year.  Joe added that the Quinton-Cox tour will be the day before as well.  We may organize something as far as all going in together. 

-          Howard indicated that sadly, Richard Petrosino has a conflict and will not be attending the September tour.  The tour is still overbooked and Sylvia is working to adjust hotel rooms.

-          Howard indicated that the September tour is very overbooked.  We may have to “thin the herd” since he’s not sure additional accommodations can be had. 


Membership Report:     

-          No news


Webmaster Report:        Nothing reported.


Publications Report:

-          Bill indicated that both the Hood Release and Oregon Clipper are out and they look great!  Thanks to Dave Charvet and Joe Santana!!


Old Business: 



New Business:

-          Howard stated that 6V Optima batteries are now very hard to get and the price is now $173!  So, take care of your batteries to make them last.  Our supplier has 140 on back order.

-          Herschel McGriff has been inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  He is currently on a 1,500 mile motorcycle tour at age 94!!

-          Paul Lawson asked if it was our practice to send thank you cards after events to those that hosted them – such as Tom Clarey for example.  Larry indicated that we are now doing that and he has sent a card to Doug Pollock of SMS Auto Fabrics on behalf of both clubs.  He will continue to do so after events.

-          Bill asked for a volunteer to do our June program – nobody responded, however, Paul Lawson volunteered to do July. 




-          Hoard brought a video – “Packard: An American Classic Car”  It was great, but there were some technical difficulties. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm.