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Members and Guests present:  John & Georgia Mitchell, Rodger & Jan Eddy, Howard & Evelyn Freedman, Bob & Frankie Douglas, Mona Marsh & Orville Crull, Bob Earls & Lisa Nowak, Larry Schick, Ray Dunford, Jeremy Wilson, John Imlay, Chris Cataldo, Mike Eshaia, and Larry Cox.


Director John Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:25 pm.


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was passed to have Secretary Larry Cox dispense with reading of the July minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Larry Cox reported a treasury general fund balance of $6,383.12.  There are also current balances of $9,831.28 in the Grand Classic fund and $1,800 in the September Tour fund.  Those funds will be depleted as payments are made for associated costs.


Activities Report:  Activities Director Georgia Mitchell reported that the Grand Classic had been a great success and that our host hotel, the Red Lion, had done a superb job at accommodating many last minute changes.


Georgia initiated a discussion on the upcoming October 25th Annual Banquet Meeting and asked if we wanted to change the venue from the Riverside Golf Club.  Bob Douglas suggested looking into the Tualatin Country Club and Howard Freedman the Lake Oswego Golf Club as options.  Georgia will check them out.


Georgia asked for input on possibly changing from the Heritage House for our annual Holiday Potluck in December as we have somewhat outgrown that facility.  There were several suggestions but none that were suitable for our potluck format.  Rodger Eddy felt that being packed in at the Heritage House made it more fun.


John Mitchell called on Bob Douglas to give an update on the summer cruise-ins.  Bob said that both the Courtyard Village and Robison Home cruise-ins were a lot of fun and much appreciated by the residents.  He said that the Washington Federal Savings & Loan cruise-in will be on August 14th and that the free BBQ promised to be very good.


John said that the annual Lake Oswego car show is coming up on August 23rd.


John said that our next tour will be the annual fall tour.  Howard Freedman said that all registrants will soon be receiving a bill for the tour tuition which includes all lodging and many meals on the tour.  The total amount per couple is $1,341.  Howard also gave us a rundown of the tour itinerary.  We will depart the Tigard Fred Meyer at 8:30 am on Saturday, September 12th and travel down the coast to Winchester Bay where we will have a BBQ dinner on the dock and spend our first night.  On Sunday the 13th we travel on to Gold Beach and spend our second night there.  On Monday the 14th we head for Eureka where we plan to have dinner at the Carson House, a fabulous Victorian mansion.  On Tuesday morning we will see a private car collection in Eureka before heading on to Scotia where we will be spending two nights.  During our time in Scotia we will take a tour down thru the redwoods and then up to Ferndale where we hope to go to a machine shop that makes custom Packard parts.  On Thursday the 17th we move on to the Oregon Caves and Cave Junction.  On Friday the 18th we drive to Chiloquin where Chef Bob Douglas (and a few others) will put on a picnic style BBQ dinner.  Saturday the 19th we will move on to Bend for our final night on the road.  Sunday the 20th we travel back to Portland.


Sunshine Report:  Evelyn Freedman said that she knew of nothing new to report.


Old Business/New Business Howard also reported that Jeremy and Victoria Wilson are putting together an article on the Grand Classic that promises to be very nice.


John Mitchell asked if anyone present wanted to have mailed the judging results for their car at the Grand Classic.  John Imlay, Jeremy Wilson and Mike Eshaia requested results.


John Mitchell called on our “Getting to Know You” person of the month, Lisa Nowak.  Lisa was raised in the Columbia Gorge town of Corbett, Oregon.  She graduated from high school there in 1984 and now keeps busy doing writing and landscaping.  Her enjoyment of writing began early in life when she was in the 7th grade.  After high school Lisa moved to Spokane to attend college there.  She also took a job as a nanny for a family with two young girls.  The girl’s father taught Lisa how to do an oil change and other miscellaneous car maintenance activities. The following year Lisa returned to Oregon to attend the U of O in Eugene where she continued to study journalism.  During the summer she spent much of her time at the Eugene Speedway and found that she really enjoyed the culture of auto racing.  Lisa raced at the Eugene Speedway for two years and worked at Shucks Auto Parts where she met Bob Earls.  Later Lisa moved to North Carolina and raced for the next five years before getting homesick and moving back to Portland.  She raced at the Portland Speedway in the limited sports class from 1995 to 2000.  During what turned out to be her last year at Portland Speedway, Lisa was feeling burned out and asked a friend, Shane, to drive her car.  Shane went on to do very well at racing.  During that time Lisa was working for both the Yale and Hyster lift truck companies.  After that, Lisa worked with Bob at his auto repair shop until they closed that business.  At that time she put up a sign in her yard advertising to do yard work and landscaping and she also enrolled in horticulture at Clark Community College.  She started by doing landscaping in her own neighborhood but has since grown her business to include a large list of clients.


Lisa has continued through the years to write every chance she gets.  She had worked on two books about stock car racing while in North Carolina but she did not complete them until later years.  She has gone on to write two more books of a similar theme that she calls her “full throttle” series.  As the result of a couple publishing missteps, Lisa decided to self-publish her work and has been very pleased with that approach.  She is currently working on her fifth book which is titled “McCall Initiative” and which has a paranormal theme.  From what Lisa revealed about the plot, this book promises to be a very interesting read.


Lisa’s research for McCall Initiative has led her to a much broader knowledge and appreciation of former Oregon governor Tom McCall and what he accomplished during his time in office.  That appreciation has led Lisa, Bob and a few of their friends to start the Tom McCall Legacy Project.  It is easy to see that Lisa has had a very interesting and varied life


Director John Mitchell closed the meeting by informing us that the next membership meeting will also be our yearly planning meeting and will be on September 3rd.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.